Community Outbreak Preparedness Index

Are you ready for the next emergency? The Community Outbreak Preparedness Index (COPI) is a new tool that will help you answer that question.

Developed by Heluna Health, COPI provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand assessment of dozens of factors that affect the relative preparedness of California's counties. COPI is the first research tool to enable California officials and community members to assess how well-prepared their counties are for an outbreak of infectious disease or another crisis, and to promote community resilience.

COPI spotlights local strengths and gaps in areas like hospital surge capacity, nursing home staffing, insurance coverage and access to primary care. The tool can help leaders strengthen community resilience by drawing on data that enables them to invest their funding to greater effect.

COPI assesses county-level preparedness with measures in four domains:

  • Healthcare System Preparedness
  • Public Health System Preparedness
  • Access to Health Insurance and Social Safety Net Services
  • Community Factors

Data in COPI comes from multiple data sources, including the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), among many others.

The initial COPI site shows the performance of California's 58 counties in 32 measures across the index's four domains.

The full COPI Technical Report, which includes research conclusions and methodology and sources for the 63 component measures, is available for download here.